Hi, we're Noom

Let's work together

At Noom, we all work together to make sure our company is a place where we can create something awesome while learning and having fun. It’s important to us to build a community that fosters growth, creativity, and above all nurtures individuals’ well-being (whether “well-being” means yoga every week or kicking back with a cold one).

Our Pad

Noom HQ is located in a large gallery building in Chelsea, Manhattan, right next to the High Line park. We’ve worked hard to make our space a special place for working, eating, meeting, and playing. We’re always looking for things to add and new ways to move things around to help everyone feel comfortable, productive, and happy.

delicious food

Lunch is lovingly prepared by Chef Jane each day, with healthy options to suit every palate. As a health and wellness company, it’s important that we practice what we preach by testing new recipes and sticking to a healthy diet. Guests, family, and friends are always welcome to join. The kitchen is an awesome gathering place for brainstorming, laughing and hanging out with healthy snacks always at the ready.

Choose your brew

Coffee and tea are a central part of how many of us at Noom enjoy (and get through) our day. We always have a full selection of premium teas available and proudly roast our own coffee beans. We also have no fewer than four methods for brewing coffee available at any time. A boozier brew more your speed? We work hard and play hard (responsibly, of course). Our team also enjoys brewing beer and kicking back together with a few cold refreshments.

Keep moving

Staying active is important to us, but it can be hard to walk away from our desks to get to the gym (of course, for those who do, we reimburse it!). That’s why we bring a yoga instructor in each week to help us stretch away our stress right in the office. We also occasionally bring in other fitness experts or attend classes together. We’re all about maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and these fitness activities are core to many Noom team members’ happiness.


We believe in transparency, and we aren’t afraid to disagree and discuss anything and everything. Every Friday we get together to talk through the week’s happenings and share our successes. No question is off limits, and we also show off our Freestyle Friday projects.

Freestyle days

We know that sometimes the best ideas come from the most unexpected places. That’s why we have regular freestyle days—days when we cancel our meetings, put aside our day-to-day responsibilities, and flex our creative muscles on new and inspiring projects. It’s a great way to try something new, and everything is fair game, from product ideas to marketing campaigns to office improvements.


We love spending time together in and out of the office. Each year, we take a few retreats and spend a few days of work at an off-site location. We’ve rented beach houses in New Jersey, gone camping in the Poconos, and spent the weekend skiing upstate. The trips are a healthy mix of talking about company direction, brainstorming sessions, lots of cooking, delicious food and drinks, dancing, music, hiking, rafting, swimming, and more.